Video converter software for our cusomers!


New cool video converter software available for free download on this website. This video conversion software is great for beginers and professional users. It works fast and stable, converting various input video formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, 3GPP, FLV and more...

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RssFwd Blocked In China?


Blogger Wuming_Gong reports that RssFwd is inaccessible from within the Great Firewall of China. Its the equivalence of finding your proprietary software cracked on Astalavista - a good problem indicating your software has arrived.


Peeking at the Browser's History


Web Developer's Quiz: Your website needs to somehow know what are the other websites a user had already visited. How do you do it? How do you get the information from a browser history?

Kevin Burton pulled it off with a neat trick. When the new features of his Tailrank were released. I must've been sleeping or busy, anyways, didn't check out the improvements in Tailrank till now.

Under "import", a user usually uploads his OPML file (which I'd previously talked about), input some URLs, etc. In his attempt to make Tailrank's import applicable to more layman users, Kevin has a new "Auto Configure" button. Click on it, and a list of popular sites (that you  have visited) are found and is ready for import. Damn, how did it know!

I did some view-source hunting and found document.defaultView.getComputedStyle and element.currentStyle. Explain: Given that your browser will style visited links differently from link not yet visited, Kevin merely printed a bunch of hidden links and used a javascript to pick out those you have visited! Woot! I can sure find some use for that... hmm.. can't think of any now, but I'm sure there're uses!

That said, I would've preferred if Tailrank actually gave me the option to uncheck some of them from my list (especially since removal of feeds isn't implemented yet)

Mobile phone

It is awesome to see how science and technology has changed the way we undertake our daily tasks. Formerly we had to get help of the fixed line telephone whenever we desired to get in touch with our buddies or relatives or in case they desired to contact us. It was not possible for us to make contact with these folks, while we had been traveling or no preset line phone was available. All this changed with the evolution of the mobile development. The very first mobiles were cumbersome and could be utilized simply for generating phone calls and delivering text messages. Issues have altered quite a lot since then. The modern era cellular phones are extremely sleek and permit us to click pictures, view videos, hear songs, surf the net, play games, and a lot more.