BlackBerry Messenger 7


BlackBerry Messenger version 7 provides Research In Motion user the option of communicating through free voice calls during their travel. The BBM version 7 added a new voice feature that allows the user to switch between text or voice mode while in conversation with other BBM contracts over local Wi-Fi network. The high tech device allows the user to indicate when they are ready to receive a voice call.

BlackBerry MessengerRIM received a very positive response after the successful completion of the voice calling application’s beta testing, and the testers appreciated their experience.

As per the Research in Motion, about 90 percent customers who participated in the trial opted for using the BBM voice service while on the move. The new feature is designed to benefit BBM users as almost half of them have international contacts and using this service will save their time and money while making worldwide calls. The BBM 7 has other updates as well as besides the discussed voice feature.

For better management of multiple tasks, the new BBM 7 includes a split screen feature so that you can manage a number of tasks such as reading text, checking emails and making calls without the need to go through different screens.

The update notification allows you to download and apply the updates without the need to leave any application you are currently working on. And your BlackBerry ID is linked with all your valuable information, including BBM profile, groups and contracts providing you the much-needed option to backup, restore and switch to BlackBerry 10 when you need to.
However, BlackBerry Messenger 7 is supported only on Smartphone that runs BlackBerry 6 and higher versions. Research In Motion promises to support the BlackBerry 5 by early next year.

The application will be available through BlackBerry App World, and all BBM users can download the free update. However, the link provided took me to only BBM version 6 today and RIM clarified that in the next 24 hours, the new version will appear on the applications store.