Droid DNA Review


Droid DNAThe high end smart phone One X nicknamed hero released by HTC follows the introduction of Droid DNA Smartphone this year as the standard HTC campaign during the holiday season. Yes, that’s true; in coming few months you are going to witness the advertisements of this device in full swing. Indeed, as per technological specifications, Droid DNA is remarkable with quad core S4 Snapdragon processor, and the first time witnessed a 1080p display on any Smartphone.

The HTC executives were quite careful to describe the device as the Smartphone during the Droid DNA launching. However, the device is equipped with a 5 inch big screen and the high pixel density never seen before any Smartphone earned this device our innovative term a phablet.

Bigger screens of 5 inches are hardly found in any normal phone, and it puts Droid DNA in the tablet segment. During our evaluation, the big screen had much greater implications for every one of us when comparing it with Galaxy Note 2 of Samsung that contains its prime 5.5-inch screen.

Undoubtedly, the Droid DNA has a lot of plus points starting from the big screens to faster Qualcomm S4 Pro quad core processors. However, you may consider Galaxy S3 of Samsung if you give a lot more emphasis on included accessories such as cases, and camera lenses as Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with best ecosystem.

The Druid RAZR Maxx line from Motorola provides the most reliable battery life, and if you need better battery life then this can be your only choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very good Smartphone with the most up to date technology, this phone is just for you. Droid DNA works flawlessly, and it is the only phone that has a full HD screen.