Bandwidth Ceiling Hit


Its funny how things are business-as-usual, then suddenly I'm 17GB over my 50GB monthly quota and its just half a month! Wierd. So I've migrated to an unmetered hosting plan.
If anything breaks on RssFwd, lemme know - my email is choonkeat at gmail.
For those interested in the source codes, coincidentally, RssFwd source code has migrated to use Rubyforge's "new" SVN hosting yesterday as well. No Trac yet though.

Bandwidth Ceiling Hit

Here is the notes and patch (urgh!) to the Ruby on Rails Bootcamp I'd presented on Tuesday. But generally, it was more about flowing with the code, so the notes themselves may not make sense as stand-alone.
A better arrangement should've been 2 sessions - easier on the brain, especially from the culture shock for most Java developers - of 2.5 hours each. That should be enough to cover topics plus have enough hands-on.

Mini Rails Camp in Singapore

Looks like it'll most probably happen. Coming to a university near you ;-)

If I don't trip over my presentations & demos, there could be some real fun happening...