Click Writely?


Great. Now I feel more safe putting my docs in Writely, knowing that they won't be going away anytime soon.

I'm hoping they don't get too stuck on the whole social / collaboration / web2.0 thingy... Just give me 1 URL to create a new "Untitled" document. I can bookmark that URL and hence, with 1-click I can create a new 'Word' document.
Briefly tried to do it just now, but there's too much javascript hoops to jump as a 3rd party to implement the simple feature.

I don't know about you, but I always have my browser running. So this will be a big deal. And maybe one day, I really won't need to use notepad.exe for scribbling anymore... 1-click.

(assuming I can sign on persistently, gmail style)

So,... Yahoo's gonna buy JotLive?

Well, this announcement just screwed up my morning’s todo-list… Microsoft is proposing a standard copy-paste mechanism for the web, dubbing it Live Clipboard.
Live Demo
And in case any of you missed it… though the technique works in IE.. Microsoft used Firefox to demo the video.. sea change!

Note: Web apps putting content into the clipboard isn't earth shatteringly new.. Tryanslator does in its bookmarklets, too. This is more about a call to action, proposing a standard to work with.

Update: This clip will be more important to getting podcast (pod catching). Unfortunately the subscription schema isn't OPML. Oh well.
(whispers: drag and drop! drag and drop! drag and drop!... )