Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Samsung Galaxy Note 2If you remember, last year Samsung introduced its new series of smart phones as Galaxy Note with a huge display of 5 inches. We internally termed such phones as phablets. The Galaxy Note 2 has now been launched with upgraded features and consists of even bigger 5.5-inch screen and powered by a quad core processor, Android Jelly Bean operating system 4.1.1, 2 GB RAM and improved S-Pen stylus that allows directly writing and sketching on the phone. The sophisticated technical specifications of the Galaxy Note 2 provide an indication of a really fast and high-performing phone.

The first argument against the phone is related to the big size of the phone, and many people comment that the phone is too big and should be placed on tablet segment. Due to the bigger size of this phone, it is ridiculous to make calls from this phone. However, the big size doesn’t deterrent men and women from providing excellent feedback who wears a jacket and carries purses. Moreover, despite the big size Hubert has no problem in regularly carrying the phone in his front pocket jeans, and I am personally a big admirer of both the versions of this series.

We tested Samsung Galaxy Note 2 along with other contenders of this segment such as the Optimus G of LG, iPhone 5 or even the Galaxy S3 and have no hesitation to say that this is the best 4G LTE device. The unique combination of a big 5.5-inch screen with good battery life and LTE speeds make this device the most efficient combo.

The creative needs of the people have also been taken care of with the new Galaxy Note 2 as improved S-pen allows flawless drawing and editing the photos in the Photoshop. Personally, I am a big admirer of the Galaxy Note 2. This phone works like a tablet device, and I carry it in my purse. The device can be used very comfortably for browsing websites, reading emails and e-books or watching movies.

In the end, as a customer you have to decide whether you want a big sized tablet or medium-sized Galaxy Not 2. We have observed that the people who like mini tablets find this device very useful and love it while others don’t consider it at all. So it is quite easy to make your decision regarding this phone.